CD 1:

  1. The Forest
  2. Being and Becoming
  3. Civilization
  4. Sea of Tranquility
  5. Prayer, Sanctuary
  6. Supreme Love Dance
  7. A Wild and Holy Band
  8. Oh, Karim
  9. Akhi
  10. Ya, Karim
  11. Tagi
  12. Hanuman’s Dance
  13. Sky Valley
  14. Blues Tinge
  15. Atman Alone Abides

CD 2:

  1. Wild Orchids Bloom
  2. Advaita
  3. Chomolungma
  4. Sally Sunflower Whitecloud
  5. My Lord, My Lord
  6. Windy Mountain
  7. Through Fields and Underground
  8. Mi Corazon
  9. Beloved, Chimes at Midnight
  10. Take a Chance
  11. Perfume of the Desert
  12. Benares
  13. Amor
  14. Forever Dance
  15. Bis

Charles Lloyd: tenor and alto saxophones, C and alto flutes, taragato, Tibetan oboe, maracas, voice
Billy Higgins: drums, guimbri, Guinean and Senegalese hand drums, guitar, voice

Amongst the most remarkable recordings in Charles Lloyd’s discography, “Which Way Is East” documents a week spent playing duets with his old friend Billy Higgins. The improvisations on this expansive double album bring both players to new musical terrain while also acknowledging the deep roots of ‘free’ playing The inspirational level is exceptionally high as the music explores and generates powerful emotions, but the overriding spirit of the work is unmistakably celebratory – even though both men were aware that they were unlikely to do this again. Billy Higgins, who had been battling ill-health with great stoicism and good humour for years, died four months after the session.

Release Date: March 22, 2004

ECM Records