1. Dancing on One Foot
  2. Tales of Rumi
  3. Sangam
  4. Nataraj
  5. Guman
  6. Tender Warriors
  7. Hymn to the Mother
  8. Lady in the Harbor
  9. Little Peace

Charles Lloyd – tenor & alto saxophone, tarogato, bass and alto flutes, piano, percussion
Zakir Hussain – tabla, voice, percussion
Eric Harland – drums, percussion, piano

“Sangam” is the first release from Charles Lloyd’s exciting new trio with Indian tabla master Zakir Hussain and Eric Harland, the gifted drummer from his ‘regular’ quartet. The album – Lloyd’s first live disc for ECM – was recorded in California in 2004. Taped at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara in the context of a memorial concert for Billy Higgins, it brings to the surface some ‘Eastern’ enthusiasms that have been part of Lloyd’s palette for a very long time.

Already in the early to mid 1960s, Lloyd’s way of easing meaning and emotion from a melody in his tenor sax improvisations was influenced by sitar players and druhpad singers, just as it was influenced by the lineage of jazz greats extending from Lester Young and the expressive masters of the blues. The emotional climates of raga also influenced Lloyd’s extended modal compositions. In the early 1970s he collaborated on record with sarod player Aashish Khan and tabla player Pranesh Khan. The line-up of his touring bands, however, largely followed the conventions of jazz – sax, piano and/or guitar, bass, and drums.

Release Date: April 4, 2006

ECM Records