1. Ne Me Quitte Pas
  2. Ken Katta Ma Om
  3. Angel Oak Revisited
  4. Canon Perdidoj
  5. Jumping The Creek
  6. The Sufi’s Tears
  7. Georgia Bright Suite: 1. Pythag…
  8. Come Sunday
  9. Both Veils Must Go
  10. Song Of The Inuit

Charles Lloyd – tenor & alto saxophone, tarogato
Geri Allen – piano
Robert hurts – double bass
Eric Harland – drums, percussion

“Reasons you should connect with Charles Lloyd: He embodies all the best of jazz – the conception, the technique, the communication, the spirit. He always ignites a world class band….”  Greg Burk, in the LA Weekly

In his liner notes for “Jumping the Creek”, Stanley Crouch draws attention to the Charles Lloyd ensemble as well as its charismatic leader: “Since part of jazz composing is selecting musicians who can make up their own parts dependent on the kind of material played, we can judge Charles Lloyd not only through his playing, his writing , and the material he selects, but through the marvelous quality of his ensemble’s flexibility. Geri Allen and Bob Hurst are already masters and Eric Harland has the technique, taste  and imagination to become one.”