Charles Lloyd's videos

Arrows Into Infinity

Catapulted into worldwide fame in his early 20s, Charles Lloyd was one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 1960s and considered jazz-rock royalty. His music crossed traditional boundaries and explored new territories. By his early 30s he was burned out and vanished from public view. For over a decade he lived the life of a hermit in Big Sur, California. “Arrows Into Infinity” follows the rise, retreat and return of the charismatic Lloyd and his spiritual quest through sound.

"A music documentary that raises the bar for the genre, this portrait of jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd by his artist wife, Dorothy Darr, and her codirector, Jeffery Morse, enthralls as much as it edifies."

From Journey Within - Ruth Speaks - 6:43 min.

London c. 1964 - Song My Lady Sings - 7:05 min.

Portugal 1966 - Dreamweaver - 6:15 min.

Prague 1968 - Tagore - 4:41 min.

Montreux 1982 - The Call - 8:55 min.

Montreux 1982 - Forest Flower Sunset - 5:07 min.

Lobero Theater 1987 - Lady Gabor - 7:53 min.

Philadelphia 1992 - Homage - 4:07 min.

Montreux 1999 - Voice in the Night - 6:43 min.