Charles Lloyd & The Marvels - I long to see you Charles Lloyd & The Marvels "I Long To See You" is now available on CD and vinyl.  The iconic saxophonist and recent NEA Jazz Master is in the company of a new band featuring guitarist, Bill Frisell and pedal steel master, Greg Leisz, along with his longtime quartet members bassist, Reuben Rogers and drummer, Eric Harland. The album also includes two remarkable guest vocal appearances by Willie Nelson and Norah Jones. This is a sumptuous collection of 10 songs that range from anti-war folk protests to traditional hymns to re-envisioned Lloyd originals from his earlier recordings. "I Long To See You" follows Lloyd’s masterful 2015 live album Wild Man Dance, which marked his triumphant return to Blue Note Records. While talking about his “call of the wild” at the time, Lloyd said, “I am still searching to find the sound. It is my path. I call myself a ‘sound seeker.’ The deeper I dive into the ocean of sound, I find there is still deeper and further to go.”

"If ever there was an eternal explorer, it's Charles Lloyd. This inquisitive soul has made a career out of surveying new frontiers, both within himself and beyond the borders of his own being... There's something that's just plain elusive in Lloyd's art, exemplified in that miraculous marriage between the act of departure and the sound of return." 
All About Jazz

"The album is gorgeous throughout, as Lloyd changes the complexion of his music without diminishing his individual sound or personality. " 
The Chicago Reader

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Charles Lloyd /
I Long To See You

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This is a truly memorable album: perhaps the finest of Lloyd's career and destined to become a classic."

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Charles Lloyd /
Wild Man Dance

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